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Product Detail: HRFS-350-2Z or HRFS-350-3Z

Product Summary

Our most popular model HOT-RAIL Furnace System. At 88.9mm (3.50") tall it may be just the right size for your needs. The sliding halves of the furnace make loading and un-loading very easy. Two or three zones of heating for temperature control.

Price: $5,495.00 base (two-zone)
Price: $6,095.00 base (three-zone)

Excellence Applied

If you have larger material / specimens then this larger volume and length with multi-zone choices may be a better choice. Our furnaces works equally well for high temperature testing (> 700° C) as well as for conventional materials requiring temperatures from 150° C.

Product Highlights

  • 1400° C Operation
  • 88.9mm (3.50") in height
  • Rapid heating rates > 200° C / minute
  • Two or three-zone heating
  • 1700° C rated ceramic furnace cavity
  • Translating furnace halves, easy access
  • Thermal shock resistant heating elements
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Over a decade of proven performance
  • Unique design allowing for repair of unit after accidental crushing