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Product Detail: Forced-Air 800F Test Chamber

Product Summary

ATMECO is now offering a unique forced-air test chamber that surpasses all in compact size and capability. The small chamber allows for rapid heating and cooling creating greater throughput.

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FA800TC Forced-Air 800F Test Chamber

127mm (5.0”) tall
254mm (10.0”) wide
508mm (20.0”) deep

Hot Zone
88.9mm (3.50”) tall
88.9mm (3.50”) wide
152.40mm (6.0”) deep

Heating rate of 50 degrees F per minute

Product Highlights

  • Designed by professionals with 30 years of testing experience
  • Higher maximum temperature
  • Rapid heating and cooling for greater throughput
  • Unique mounting configuration allows for unobstructed access to test specimen and instrumentation loading
  • Localized heating for ease of handling
  • Durable long lasting heating source
  • Uniform thermal profiles of test specimens
  • Compatible with all hydraulic gripping systems
  • No longer need to wear protective clothing for elevated temperature testing.