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Product Detail: Alignment Device

Product Summary

AMTECO now offers alignment devices that will allow you to precisely align your installed and preloaded gripping system. This device is similar to existing devices with the added benefit of providing precise adjustments to correct both concentricity and angularity misalignment that exist on all non-aligned test frames. Test frame misalignment will contribute to scatter and a lowering of the statistical mean of test data. Without the ability to adjust-out the two components of misalignment (concentricity & angularity) on a test frame, the test results will be affected by the magnitude of the misalignment. Depending on the type of materials being tested and the length of the test specimen between the gripping, the misalignment could be a major contributor to test data scatter.

Many test specifications require that a testing frame be “aligned” and that the actual measurement of the frame alignment to be reported.

Specifications such as:

ASTM E1012
GE S400 & S450

Our alignment device can be used seamlessly, with other alignment device software systems currently available. Our device will allow current owners of these systems a lower cost alternative with better quality. With the application of this device, lab operators are in possession of a device that provides a timely and straight-line path to adjusting the frame alignment to meet your percent bending requirement. Since most labs will want to have these devices on all of their test frames, the ability to secure them at a lower cost offering should be quite appealing.

To assure the seamless operation, the devices can be ordered specifically to work with the proper adjustment identifications for both the angularity and concentricity that mate with your current software, or the software you intend to use.

An example would be for an MTS system you would see the A0, A90, A180, A270 for angularity and C0, C90, C180, C270 for concentricity.

We currently offer these devices in capacities to 55 KIP's.

Price: $2,600.00