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AMTECO Incorporated is a business that specializes in materials testing equipment design, manufacturing and sales. AMTECO has been in business since 1993 when it began to offer the original compact 1400° C Furnace System for high temperature ceramic composite testing.

The original compact 1400° C furnace system was created by Jeffrey L. Myers who has nearly 30 years of materials testing experience and holds many patents for testing equipment apparatus' and systems.

Today Mr. Myers remains the Founder and President of the company. With his continued day to day experience in high temperature testing of composite materials as well as elevated temperature testing of aircraft super alloys AMTECO Inc. benefits from a solid understanding of the requirements and technology needed to meet the challenging and ever-changing needs of today's materials testing technology.

Today AMTECO Incorporated remains a business that specializes in the advancement of material testing technology and has the unique ability to respond quickly to customers special needs while delivering unparalleled systems value.

The Original Compact 1400° C
Hot Rail Furnace System